Policies and Terms of Trade


Before shipping with it's really important that you understand the terms under which your agreeing to abide by when accepting our Terms and Conditions. From the type of products you can and can't ship with us, to the level of compensation you will receive if your parcel is damaged or lost. Click on any of the 'quick links' to learn all about our terms of trade.

Money Back Guarantee:

All our timed deliveries come with a Money Back Guarantee commitment. For all other services, gives you the option to upgrade your delivery to a guaranteed delivery, if you take this option, and your shipment is not delivered within the delivery due date due to a service failure, you are entitled to a full refund on your shipping costs. If you do not upgrade your shipment then you are not entitled to a refund for your shipping costs.

Limits of Liability:

If your goods are shipped internationally, then the Warsaw or Montreal convention may apply. Where convention rules do not apply, we will only pay compensation for loss, damage or delay of a package caused by our negligence, and only up to a maximum of: £50.00 per shipment; or, if greater, 8.33 SDR's per kilo of the goods affected, subject in all cases to proof of loss. For more information on our limits of liability, Click Here.

Prohibited Articles:

transports goods by road and air. Consequently we have to be very careful about what we ship. You cannot for example ship goods that are flammable, hazardous or dangerous in any way. For a full list of prohibited articles, Click Here.

Compensation Exclusions:

There are certain products which are simply not suitable for transportation by courier.If you do ship these articles with us, you will not be entitled to compensation should the goods be damaged in transit. Click Here for a full list of 'Compensation Exclusions'.