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Save up to 60% on large and bulky items

offers both UK parcel delivery and international courier services to over 220 countries, and sending your large parcels, or bulky items with us is easy. Whether you’re sending a heavy pallet by air freight, or a bulky car bumper by road we have a courier service to meet your need.

Our price comparison service enables you to compare the prices of the world’s best couriers, so you get cheap delivery options as well as great service. Although is not a specialist furniture courier, we specialize in heavy item courier services.

The difference

Our large parcel services

  • Save up to 60% on large parcel delivery
  • Send heavy pallets up to 1,000 kg
  • Send oversized items up to 270 cm in length
  • UK and International Courier Services

*excluding Hermes deliveries

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Compare prices for large item couriers

Whether you prefer using UPS , FedEx or DHL, ’s price comparison service enables you to get the best deal on your preferred carrier with savings of up to 60%. In fact, our prices are often even cheaper than postage.

  1. Enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel using our quote tool.
  2. Compare prices and services from each courier.
  3. Select the service that best suits your budget.

Our UK large item courier services


Ship oversized parcels from the UK
to anywhere in the world

Exporting from the UK


We can pick up worldwide
and deliver across the UK.

Importing into the UK

Express delivery

Next day UK, EU & US delivery
fast delivery across the rest of the world.

Timed Delivery

For urgent deliveries we offer guaranteed
timed delivery by 9, 10 AM or noon.

Cheap delivery for large items

Our economy service offers
2 to 7-day delivery, ideal for bulky items.


Because we’re one of the UK’s largest online couriers, our exclusive agreements enable us to offer incredible savings on the best delivery services. You don’t even need to register to book with us, though if you do you can save up to 8%, making our prices even more competitive.

At what you see is what you get; we include all applicable prices and surcharges in the cost quoted to you. However, please be aware the quote we provide depends on the weights and dimensions you provide to us, so it’s important the information you provide to us is accurate.

  • 50 kg large parcel to USA only £114.73
  • 30 kg large item to France only £24.92
  • 30 kg heavy parcel to Germany only £15.78
  • 50 kg bulky item to Australia only £186.61

Collection & Delivery

Courier collecting parcel


Heavy items including pallets over 50 kg in weight or bulky items over 180 cm in length need to be booked the day before pickup, and you will also need to assist the driver with loading at the point of collection and delivery.

If you need a tail lift or pallet truck at the point of collection or delivery, please contact us prior to pick up.

Collections are made up to 6 PM each evening and we’re unable to confirm a specific time for each collection; however, you can request a collection window for the courier to collect after a specific time.


Large item courier deliveries are made between 9am and 7pm, on working weekdays only. We also offer timed delivery options for urgent deliveries.We make 3 delivery attempts as standard.

If you need the driver to deliver with a pump truck to assist with unloading, please contact our customer care team. You may also need to provide the driver with assistance unloading.

We offer signed for, door to door delivery for all large parcels and heavy item deliveries.

Guidance on shipping large parcels and bulky items


If you’re sending heavy items or fragile bulky items we recommend palletising them. When shipping by courier the goods will be loaded and unloaded multiple times, if you palletised the goods, it makes handling the items easier and reduces the risk of damage.


is a courier, not a furniture delivery service or removal company. We do not recommend shipping furniture unless they are palletised.


Other fragile household items, such as tables containing glass, basins or other large ceramic items are simply not suitable for transportation by courier unless they are professionally packaged and palletised.

Important things to know when shipping large items

If you’re sending a large parcel containing car parts, furniture, white goods or glass products, we do not normally offer compensation from these products in the event of damage. However, if your items have been professionally packaged and you send us images of the packaging in advance of shipping we can still offer additional cover, as long as we are satisfied that the packaging you are using is sufficient. Please contact us in advance of shipping for further support.

Review our non-compensation list

Packaging heavy or bulky items for transportation

Many people don’t realise that when you send a package by courier it will travel through multiple depots and customs and be handled many times. Therefore, packaging your items so they’re safe for transportation is extremely important.

Heavy items are especially difficult because they have to be lifted by a person! That’s why we recommend anything over 50 kg in weight should be palletised. For bulky items the box needs to be strong enough to support other items been placed on top of it. For example, if you’re sending a large painting, or something that is weak in the middle such as a car bonnet, if any weight is placed upon the middle of the box, it could easily collapse.

large parcel

Choosing a suitable box:

  • We recommend using a new box.
  • Always use a double lined box for extra strength.
  • Don’t over pack the box.
Internal cushioning for fragile items

Internal packaging:

  • Fill the box full of packaging material such as bubble wrap.
  • Try and suspend the item inside the box so no part of the item is touching the inside wall.
  • Individually wrap each item.
packaging tape dispenser

Packaging tape dispenser:

  • Packaging tape helps strengthen and reinforce your box, so use as much tape as possible.
  • Make sure you tape around all the corners, joints and flaps.
  • Tape in both directions.

Learn more about safely packaging your parcels

Track your delivery

From the point of pickup, right through to delivery, your parcel will be scanned many times. offers parcel tracking on every shipment you send, so you can monitor your shipment from door-to-door.

If any delays occur with your consignment, the status of your shipment will change to exception, which informs you that there is a potential issue.

However, with you don’t need to track your parcel every minute to make sure everything is okay, because our clever technology tracks your shipment for you and notifies you by email if any delays occur. It’s what we call the difference.

Learn more about tracking your parcel

UK delivery

can collect from almost any part of the UK same day and deliver across the UK next day. We offer the services of the best UK carriers, including UPS, DHL and TNT. So whether you need a courier to collect in London, or you’re sending a parcel delivery to Glasgow, check out our great rates on UK delivery and see how much you could save.

International Shipping

offers international courier services to more than 220 countries worldwide. Whether you are shipping from the UK or importing into the UK we have a range of express and economy delivery options from the world’s best carriers. With next day delivery across the EU and USA, and 30 years’ experience, is the obvious choice when sending worldwide.

Freight services

Whether you’re sending a heavy pallet by road freight, or you need to arrange an airfreight delivery to a particular airport, ’s freight services offer excellent value for heavier consignments. works with the best hauliers and airlines to provide great transit times and excellent value no matter where you are shipping to.

Corporate courier services

offers specialist courier services to businesses, with a dedicated named account manager being assigned to each account. If you send more than 40 shipments per month you can apply for a business account, and avail of additional exclusive discounts over and above those offered by our generous membership scheme.


What surcharge may apply to my large parcels?

has a number of different surcharges that are applied to oversize or heavy items, however all applicable surcharges are included in the quote we provide to you, so long as the dimensions you have provided are accurate then there will be no nasty surprises. Please do note however, if you are shipping items on a pallet you must enter the dimensions of the widest point of the packaging, so even if your item is smaller than the pallet we will charge on the footprint that the pallet takes up.

Can I send white goods?

Unless your white goods have been professionally packaged and are palletised, we are unable to ship them and furthermore cannot offer additional insurance cover. However, if you are sure that the packaging is sufficient you can contact us in advance of booking and provide images of the packaging, if we are satisfied that it sufficient then we can carry and provide cover for these goods.

Why do you recommend putting heavy items on a pallet?

By palletising your heavy items, the courier can forklift the goods on and off the vehicle. Not having to physically lift the goods reduces the risk of damage significantly. It also ensures the goods are kept upright at all times.

Can you deliver into my house?

does not offer a specialist removal service; therefore, the courier will be unable to come into your house to collect or deliver. Furthermore, if your item is over 30 kg you will need to provide the driver with assistance with loading and unloading the shipment as per UK health and safety regulations.

What is the best courier service for large items?

only works with the best carriers. We continually monitor the delivery performance of all of our couriers if their service is unreliable we simply do not offer them. So you can trust that no matter which courier you select, it’s a reliable and vetted service.

Do carriers respect the environment

is very aware of the environmental impact of transportation. We assess our partner’s environmental policies annually, and continually encourage progression on environmental issues.

What is the maximum size and weight I can send with each courier?

Every carrier has different restrictions in terms of the sizes and weights they can accept. Check out these useful links for more information: